Get 1 cash rewards by watching video ads

8ball pool free cash – so basically you come to this post that’s mean you’re looking for 8ball pool cash. Most of the players when they start of their 8ball pool journey, they are looking for free 8ball pool cash. Because in this game it is very hard to earn free cash in 8bp. In this article we’ll share some alternate methods (pro tips)  to earn some cash for 8ball pool. Before starting you should know about how you use this cash in 8ball pool.

What is the usage of 8ball pool free cash ?

Basically it is a currency of 8ball pool game, which you can use for buying powerful cues, legendary cues, epic boxes, rare boxes, legendary boxes, pool passes and 8ball pool offers. Every new players do a mistake when they earn cash for the first time, they use the cash for buying offers and other things. But listen, don’t use your cash for unnecessary things, you have to use your cash only for buying legendary boxes. One legendary cue can help you to earn more cash. How, Which we tell you below.

How To Earn 8ball pool free cash (Pro Tips)

We’re share here many different ways, which you can use for earn 8bp cash. Currently you can get many methods in google but most of them are unofficial. If you use any unofficial way to earn 8Ball Pool Cash then your account will face lots of problem, like soft ban or permanent ban. That’s why we suggesting you to use only below methods and get free cash. So let’s start :

By Playing Lucky Shoot :- 

One of the best methods to earn free 8bp cash. But you need lots of practices and perfect aim for this methods. You have to make a perfect shot for land your ball in center area and you will get 5 cash everyday for that and you can earn monthly 150 cash by playing 8ball pool lucky shoot. If you have already made a perfect shot arrangement then you can easily earn free cash.

You can get 5 cash everyday from lucky shoot table

By watching video ads :-

Do you know you can earn 1 8bp cash everyday. If you don’t know then just follow this method. After opening game just click on free rewards option. There you can see free 1 cash offer just watch video ads and earn free 1 cash everyday. You can earn 30 cash every month by watching video ads.

Get 1 cash rewards by watching video ads

By Level Up :- 

You can get 1 cash at each level up. If you’re just start playing then you have chances to earn as much as cash by completing maximum level. You can lots of cash by level up.

Earn cash by level up in 8ball pool

By Trophy Rewards :- 

At each level up you can get some trophy points, increase your trophy points and earn free cash. Every time cash rewards increased by +1, means if first time you’ll get 1 cash, then second time you’ll get 2 cash and third time you’ll get 3 cash, it will increase everytime.

8bp trophy road

By Cue Collection Power :- 

When you collect any cues and upgrade it, then you’ll get some points. You can check it from cues option. You can earn free cash and avatars by upgrading cues.

8bp cue collection power

By Cash Offers :- 

Most interesting methods you can earn huge cash almost 2x cash on each offer. Each comes with huge amount of cash. You can see offer section from cash option. Click on cash option then click on free cash with offers option. Complete any offer with their condition and get free cash as a reward.

You can get free cash from cash offer

By Weekly League :- 

You can earn free 8bp cash by positioning youself at top 3 placements in weekly league. You can earn lots of free cash from weekly league. So increase your skills and participate in weekly league.

8bp weekly league

Almost we talk about on every single methods. Now you have some idea how you can make free cash in 8ball pool. Just follow all methods and  earn huge amount of cash in every month. So this is the all oficial ways to earn cash. But one more thing we already told it before but once again we suggest you that don’t waste your cash for unnecessary things, you have to use your cash only for buying legendary cue boxes.


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