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Pet master free spins : If you are familiar with coin master, then already you know about the pet master game also. It’s a similar kind of game like coin master. In this game you need pet master spins and coins for building your pet empire.

Pet master free spins

If you’re looking for pet master free spins link, then you can find it below. Here we update daily new links for pet master. Also all pet master rewards are manually checked before, then we provide pet master spin link here.

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Pet master daily free spin link

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Pet Master free spins – Collect now 

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Pet master free spin link today 07th February, 2023

1st Link

25 Spins Link – 


Date – 07th February, 2023

1st Link

25 Spins Link – 


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Expired pet master game free spin link

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Date – 05th February, 2023

2nd Link

25 Spins Link – 


1st Link

25 Spins Link – 


Date – 04th February, 2023

1st Link

25 Spins Link – 


Date – 01st February, 2023

1st Link

25 Spins Link – 


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How to collect pet master daily free spins gift 

Its Very Easy & Simple, We Told You Each And Every Steps To Collect Rewards For Pet Master, Let’s Start :

◆ At first you have to download pet master game from play store then make your account and link with your Facebook account for claiming rewards. (Only fb linked account can get rewards.)

◆ Now Return To Our Site And Check ‘Pet master free spins and coins link’ this post.

◆ After Coming To The Post, Scroll Down A Bit And Find Today’s Date, There You Can See Spins & Coins Rewards.

◆ Now The Last Steps, Click On Collect Now Button, And It Will Redirect You To Pet Master Game And You’ll Get Your Spins & Coins Gift.

More Ways To Get Spins In Pet Master Game :

So Friends Here We Show You Some Another Methods For Pet Master Free Spins Gift. Follow Below Steps :

1. Spin The Wheel: This Being Obvious, Spinning The Wheel On Pet Master Gives You A Chance Of Getting Spins And Coins In Forms Of Rewards.

2. Free Spins Every Hour: You will Get 5 Spins at Every Hour And Can Earn A Maximum Of 50 Spins Daily. We Suggest You To Wait Until You Finish Up All Of Your Spins And Then Start Playing. Notably, This Just Makes Your Game Stronger And You Can Strategist Accordingly.

3. Invite Your Friends: You have a chance to get free spins by inviting your friends through your referral link. Once your friends successfully joined through your referral link, then you’ll be rewarded with free spins in pet master game. For each successful referral you’ll receive up to 90 free spins and some special cases free spins can increase up to 150+, which is just awesome.

4. Complete Your Village: Do you know you can earn free spins by completing your village level. Not Only free spins, you can earn free xp, pet master free coins, pet master free dice and much more rewards item. Now if you’re planning to upgrade your village then must do it on ‘village rush’ event. This events can help to earn more spins.

5. In-App Dice Game: Pet Master Offers An In-App Dice Game. You Will Just Have To Roll Dice To Move Your Raccoon On The Board. If You Happen To Land The Raccoon On The Right Spots, You May Win Rewards Like Free Coins, Free Spins, Chests, Or A Combination Of All These.

Pet Master offers an in-app dice game.

6. Complete Your Card Sets And Albums: You Will Have To Collect Cards To Complete A Set. Quite Similarly, You Have To Complete All The Card Sets To Complete An Album. You Can Collect 9 Cards To Complete A Set Of Collections With The Same Theme. You Will Be Rewarded With Free Spins And Coins For Completing A Card Set. In Case Of Completion Of Albums, The Prize Is Even More Humongous.

Notably, We Suggest You To Keep Buying Different Chests With Your Game Coins From The Beginning, Which Will Later Help You In Completing Card Sets. We Also Suggest You To Build Villages During The Village Rush Event Where You Can Get A Royal Card.

Pet Master: Full Detailed Guide Including Tips And Tricks To Get Free Spins And Coins Daily!

In just one word pet master is the best adventure game similar to coin master. In this game you earn pet master free spins and coins and use this rewards to upgrade your pet empire with different pets from beginning. This game also developed by the same developer who made the famous coin master game “Moon Active”. If you want buy spins and coins for pet master game, then you can go to pet in-app purchase when you can but this things.


1. Pet Master Is Available For Free On All Platforms.

2. Pet Master Supports In-App Purchases.

3. You Can Play This Game With Your Friends Online And Battle Them To Be The Next Pet Master.

4. You Can Join In Millions Of Players Worldwide Through Facebook.

You Will Have To Spin Slots To Earn Gold, Which You Then Spend On Upgrade Your Base’s Structure. You Eventually Build A ‘Pet Camp’ And Your Main Goal Is To Take Over The Pet Kingdom. You Will Have To Attack, And Raid Other Pet Camps, And That’s Where The Viking Theme Ends.

Although Pet Master Is Much Of A Straightforward Game, There Are Innumerable Ways To Improve Your Play And Overall Experience. So, We Are Here To Save Your Day.

Here’s The Full Detailed Guide TO Pet Master :

1. Attacks :

Similar To The Coin Master Game, You Get A Chance To Attack Your Opponent’s Pet Camps When You Get Three Rocket Symbols In The Spin Wheel. You Can Launch Up To Three Rockets To Smash On Your Opponent’s Village.

you get a chance to attack your opponent’s pet camps

2. Raids :

Another interesting fact is raid on your opponent’s Village. For this, you need Three Raccoon Symbols On The Spin Wheel in pet master game. Then you can raid on your opponent village and collect free coins from their. You have a three chance for getting free items from your opponent’s village. You have to Choose Three Places Out Of Four, Following Which You Can Snatch Away Pet Master Coins From Your Opponent’s Village.

You will get a chance of raid when you get three raccoon symbols

3. Protecting Villages :

You can save your Village from opponent’s attack by collecting shield protection from the game. You have to collect three shield symbol from the spin wheel and then you can get one shield protection. You can get up to three shield protection from the pet master game. Also you can rise this shield protection number up to 5 by upgrading your Village. Collect as much of shield protection for saving your Village from opponent’s.

If you get 3 shield symbols on your spin wheel, you will get one 'Shield Protect'

4. Free Spins :

You Can Enjoy All The Key Features Of The Pet Master Game By Spinning The Infamous Spin Wheel. So it’s necessary to get free pet master spins every time. Also you can collect free spins pet master every hour from game.

You can enjoy all the key features of the Pet Master game by spinning the infamous spin wheel.

5. Card Collection :

As You Level Up, You Can Win Different Types Of Cards On Pet Master. You Will Have To Collect Them And Complete The Cards’ Set In Order To Get Some Extra free spins on pet master. There Are Two Types Of Cards On Pet Master; Some Are Regular And Others Are Golden Cards. You Can Send Maximum Five Cards To Your Friends Each Day And Vice Versa. On The Contrary, You Can Only Trade Golden Cards During Golden Event Time.

6. Special Events :

The game developer team ‘moon active’ present some special events activity for the pet master users. By participating this events you can earn pet master free spin daily.

FAQ About Pet Master free spins

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