Pokemon Go Egg Chart As Of 2022

Pokemon Go Egg Chart : Just like all the other Pokemon Games out there, a very important part of the Pokemon experience in Pokemon Go is Hatching Eggs.

It is one of the main parts of Pokemon experience and in Pokemon Go, the players have to do it more often than the rest of the games. Handling eggs is a core part of Pokemon games, but what do the players receive by doing it? What comes out of the various types of eggs? This article is brought to answer these questions. Pokemon Go Egg Chart.

How do the players get the eggs in Pokemon Go? They receive those by visiting Pokestops
around the world and through Adventure Sync. You can get your hands on the eggs by
defeating Leaders in battle. Also, some players get some eggs as gifts from their friends.

Hatching eggs gives you a good opportunity of getting better Pokemons with better stats. It is a very good way for farm candy. In case you get a hatching Pokemon with a shiny form Eggs Pokemon Go, do know that what pokemon hatch from eggs. Hatching eggs is also the main source for some of the rarest pokemons in the game. Pokemon Go Egg Chart.

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Pokemon Go Egg hatching is mysterious though, because the players don’t know what
they’re going to hatch until it hatches. The game has different types of Pokemon Eggs. There are differences between those types of eggs in terms of both hatch time and the potential Pokemon inside an egg.

The various egg types in Pokemon Go based on the distance players must travel to hatch them are – 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 11km, and 12km. Some special eggs are also available which have a little different hatch tables.

How To Obtain Different Types Of Eggs In Pokemon Go :

Pokemon Go Different types of egg

You can obtain most Pokemon Eggs through simply heading to Pokestops and swiping those
just like other items. The case is not the same with every egg though. You can only get 7km eggs from gift packages sent by friends. Both 5km and 10km eggs can also beobtained from  Adventure Sync. Eggs obtained from Adventure Sync have a different hatch pool from the standard version of the same eggs. If one has sufficient space in his egg inventory and manages to defeat a Team Go Rocket leader in battle, he will receive The 12km ‘Strange Eggs’ as a random drop.

9 Pokemon eggs can only be carried at once. If you already have 9 eggs and find another egg at a Pokestop, you can’t pick it up. If your egg inventory is full, you’ll not receive anything from Gifts as well.

How Eggs work in Pokemon Go :

After getting Pokemon Eggs, you have to hatch them by putting them into incubators. To do this, you have to touch an egg and then choose an Incubator to put it in. There is an unlimited incubator (orange) in the game that has endless uses. This incubator is best for hatching the fast-hatching 2km eggs. You can buy other kinds of Incubators to hatch other eggs. These can also be obtained as rewards. These have three limited uses, after which these will break. The regular Incubator (blue) hatches eggs at normal speed. The Super Incubator (purple) hatches eggs 1.5 times faster. Sometimes, some special events increase these speeds further.

How To Hatch The Eggs :

 Pokemon Go Hatch The Eggs

In order to hatch the eggs, you need to walk with those in the incubator. Pokemon Go has to be opened, but you can opt for battery saving mode before keeping your phone in your pocket. One can also turn Adventure Sync on to feed information back to Pokemon Go by using the phone’s built-in location tracking.

Pokemon Go Plus is also very useful for egg hatching. It can be used to keep your phone fully locked while walking around without compromise to the egg hatching process. Pokemon GoPlus will still record the distance for egg hatching pokémon, and at the same time will save a lot of battery.

Once the distance indicated by the egg name is covered, a Pokemon will come out. Naturally, Rarer Pokemons come out of longer-distance eggs . If you’re traveling by car or cycling, keep in mind that Pokemon Go tracks the distance traveled towards the egg hatching if your speed is around 10mph or less.

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Pokemon Go Egg Chart – which Pokemon can hatch from each Egg type is given below –

2km Egg Chart :

● Swinub
● Meditite
● Poliwag
● Bellsprout
● Litleo
● Fletchling
● Wailmer
● Barboach
● Spritzee
● Swirlix
● Swablu
● Bunnelby

5km Egg Chart :

● Snover
● Chespin
● Azurill
● Mime Jr. (region exclusive)
● Seel
● Onix
● Fennekin
● Froakie
● Munchlax
● Happiny
● Hippopotas


7km Egg Chart :

● Alolan Vulpix
● Alolan Geodude
● Galarian Stunfisk
● Galarian Farfetch’d
● Galarian Zigzagoon
● Alolan Meowth
● Galarian Meowth
● Alolan Sandshrew
● Galarian Darumaka
● Galarian Slowpoke
● Galarian Ponyta
● Alolan Grimer


10km Egg Chart :

● Timburr
● Darumaka
● Goomy
● Noibat
● Riolu
● Audino
● Mienfoo
● Rufflet
● Klink
● Axew
● Emolga
● Espurr


12km Egg Chart :

● Scraggy
● Pawniard
● Sandile
● Vullaby
● Larvitar
● Absol
● Skorupi
● Qwilfish
● Deino
● Pancham


Adventure Sync Egg Hatches :

● Clauncher (5km)
● Shieldon (5km)
● Beldum (10km)
● Skrelp (5km)
● Dratini (10km)
● Deino (10km)
● Frillish (5km)
● Cranidos (5km)
● Bagon (10km)
● Riolu (10km)
● Dedenne (5km)
● Noibat (10km)


Hope this article helps you to hatch eggs easily in the game. This post will come in handy in future as well, as We’ll update it with patches and changes as per the seasons and other in-game events. Stay tuned.


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