Is pool fanatic cue reward still available for 8ball pool 

If you played 8ball pool since long time and if you missed that opportunity for grab pool fanatic cue reward of 8ball pool then I know, Most of the 8ball pool lovers think that if somehow pool fanatic cue came again then you never missed it. But unfortunately it’s not possible, Because 8ball pool fanatic cue reward link never came again free. If this cue come then you’ll get this cue by 8ball pool offers, which you have to buy it from 8bp cash.

One more thing in this article also we talk about how to get pool fanatic cue reward in 8ball pool in 2022. 

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First talk about the main story of behind 8ball pool fanatic cue. First time when 8ball pool fanatic cue came in 2017. In this year 8ball pool growth rate increases rapidly. So miniclip decided to make this game more popular by giving a rarest cue, Which is called pool fanatic cue. Most probably maximum number of 8bp players grab this cue. I also collected this cue in my account. Almost this cue links working one or two days then it expired because of high demand of claiming. 


Again its came in 2018, but this time they provide this cue by 8bp offers. Most of the players bought it. But after that whenever this cue came, it always came with 8ball pool different different offers. Which you have to buy it from 8bp cash. According to me miniclip founder of 8ball pool doesn’t want to provide this cue free.

Pool fanatic cue has some great power and aim, that’s why everyone loved this cue. But high demand of this cue reward it never came again free. Don’t worry now we talk about how you can get pool fanatic cue. But don’t expect it you can get this cue free.

How to get pool fanatic cue in 8ball pool in 2022 

So basically if you have hope still that you’ll get this cue reward free again then please forget it. Because it not possible, may be 8bp provide this cue again by their offer section, but it will take some huge amount of cost. But we’ll tell you another way to get this cue at very low price. But don’t expect it that you can get this cue free.

Basically when this cue was come for the first time by reward link, most of the 8bp players can take this cue on their different different account. Now we have some account with pool fanatic cue. If you want to take this cue from us then you can contact me on facebook or twitter. We will provide our facebook and twitter details below you can contact me from there. Don’t worry we’ll help you to get pool fanatic cue. But you can’t transfer this cue in your account. You have to take fully new account or else you have to buy this cue from 8ball pool official offer in your account.

  You can contact us via :

Another ways to get pool fanatic cue, you can join our 8ball pool facebook group and ask for this cue in our group, if someone has this cue then you can contact with that member. Or else you can join many 8ball pool groups and ask for this cue. Only this way you can get this cue now otherwise wait for 8ball pool offers.

I understand your situation, but now have to accept it and forget about this cue. If you really want this cue then you can contact us, we’ll help you to get this cue.


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