8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018 / Reasons / Safe Your Account

The Reasons Why 8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018 / You Should Know All Reasons / Safe Your Account Right Now

8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018

Why 8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018 -》

First Of All, I Would Like To Say Sorry Those People, Whom 8Ball Pool Account Was Banned Recently. In These Days Miniclip Banned Many User’s 8Ball Pool Account Because They Repeatedly Transferring Lots Of Coins To Anothers Account. This Is The Main Reasons Of Banned 8Ball Pool Account. Also They Have Many Reasons For Banning 8Ball Pool Account.

 So Friends, Today I’m Going To Tell You Many Reasons Of 8Ball Pool Account Ban. Check My All Reasons Carefully & And If You Have Done Any Of These Reasons, Then, You Should Care Of Your 8Ball Pool Account Right Now.

 Reasons Of 8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018 -》

Trasnferring Coins -》 So Guys, The Common Reason Of Banning 8Ball Pool Account Is Transferring Coins In Your Both Account. Most Of The Users, They Are Doing Coin Transfer Among Their Own Accounts. As They Continue To Transfer Their Accounts Continuously, The 8 Ball Pool Is Considered Suspicious Activity. Miniclip Banned Those Accounts, Which Accounts Do This Type Of Suspicious Activity. So Friends, I Have A Sincere Request To You That, When You Do A Coin Transfer, You Can Transfer A Little Bit. You Have To Maintain Same Ration Of Winning Percentage, When You Transferring Coins.

To See The Next Offer Before -》 Nowadays, Most People Want To Know That, What The Next Good Offers Come On 8Ball Pool. That’s Why They Changed Their Date And They Already Know What The Next Offer Is Come. Miniclip Sees This Type Of Work As A Suspicious Thing. That’s Why Miniclip Banned Those Accounts.

Don’t Use Refund Tricks -》 In These Days “Refund Tricks” Is The Most Worst Tricks Ever For Banning 8Ball Pool Account. At One Time This Tricks Was Very Good To Making Huge Cash. But Now This Time if You Use This Tricks, Then Its Confirmed That Your Account Is Ban Within Few Days. So Guys Its My Request To All 8Ball Pool User’s, Don’t Use This Tricks. If You Need Cash Then Play 8Ball Pool League Genuinely, If You First, Second Or Third On This League Then You’ll Get Free Cash. Also We Share Some Best Way To Get Free 8Ball Pool Cash Shortly. Our All Methoods Are Genuine, No Account Ban Chances.

Get Higher VIP Achievement -》 So Guys, This Is The New Reasons Of Banning 8Ball Pool Account. Many Of People Trying To Get Higher VIP By Using Some Tricks. But It Is Not Possible To Get Higher VIP Level. If You Use Any Tools To Get Higher VIP Level Then Miniclip Ban Your Account Immediately. So Guys Don’t Use Any Tools Or Tricks To Get Higher VIP Level.

Don’t Use Any Mod Application -》 Most Of The User’s Using Mod Application Of 8Ball Pool. They Think That, If They Played 8Ball Pool On Mod Application They He Can Make Lots Of Coins By Playing With Long Guideline. But Miniclip Don’t Allowed Any Third Party Application. That’s Why They Are Banning Your Account Within Few Days. So Don’t Play With Any Mod Application.

Read Now -》

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The Reasons Why 8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018 / You Should Know All Reasons / Safe Your Account Right Now -》

So Friends, I’m Given You All The Reasons Of 8Ball Pool Account Ban In 2018. If Use Any These Tricks Or Methoods Or Tools, Then Your Account Is Now Danger. So Its My Request To All Of Reders Of 8Ball Pool User’s, Don’t Use Any These Tools, Tricks, Methoods. If You Use Then Your Account 100% Ban Chances It’s Confirmed.

What Can You Do After Your Account Is Banned ?

If Your Account Was Permanently Ban Then, You Can’t Do Anything. Because Miniclip Never Un-Banned Any Account. But You Can Contact Them Atleast. This Is My Personal Suggestion.

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