Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator

Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator : If you want to enjoy Roblox games along with Anime, then Anime Fighting Simulator codes is just the one for you. This Roblox-powered 4 Anime Fighting Simulator game has gained immense popularity in recent times among players all around the world.

What Are Anime Fighting Simulator Codes ?

Anime Fighting codes are sent out by the developers of the Anime Fighters Simulator following an update or some sort of special announcement regarding the game. Roblox simulator codes usually come with loads of free items, like : power sim codes. Now, who doesn’t like free items? We, being your saviour, have prepared a list of verified fighting anime Simulator codes that can be used to claim Chikara and Yen.

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In case you are wondering whether using these codes will be safe or not, don’t you worry! We collect all these codes only from verified sources. So, here goes the list:

Active Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator

● 800klikes – Rewards
● PsychicCity – Rewards
● 1MilFaves – Yen and XP Boost
● WorldOfGames – Rewards
● Sub2Veyar – 10 minute Luck Boost
● update25.3 – Rewards
● Sub2Codenex – 10 minute Luck Boost
● OrcaPrison – Rewards
● otrademark – Free Divine Fruit
● TimeTravelTokyo – Rewards
● otrademark – Free Divine Fruit
● TimeTravelTokyo – Rewards
● sulley1m – Luck Boost
● NinjaCityRaid – Two Tickets
● HalfBillion – Boosts and Raid Ticket
● NinjaCity – Rewards
● ToadBoi – 10 minute Luck Boost

Expired anime world simulator code

Below Codes Are Not Working, It Can’t Be Redeemed Any More ! We Will Keep The Expired Codes In Our List Because It Will Help You To Cross Check Any Code You Receive On Your Journey.

● Defild800k – 10,000 Chikara shards.
● 1millionsubsfrango – Chikara shards.
● sub2razorfishgaming – 500 Yen.
● subtokelvingts – 500 Yen.
● defild700k – Chikara shards.
● Tigre200k – Chikara shards.
● bloodlinesfixed – Chikara shards.
● 300ksubstigretv – Chikara shards.
● sub2tplanetmilo – 500 Yen.
● subtomrrhino – 500 Yen.
● emperadorwapo – 1,500 Chikara shards.
● 2millionsingRoup! – 20,000 Chikara shards.
● Defildyen – 1,000 Yen.
● frango2yen – 500 Yen.
● L3NI – Chikara shards.
● Sub2tanqr – Chikara shards.
● Emperadorstar – 5,000 Chikara shards.
● Frangonewcode – 1,000 Chikara shards.
● subfrango – Chikara shards.
● defildstream – 2,000 Chikara shards.
● emperadorsubs – 1,000 Chikara shards.
● kelvin600k – 3,000 Chikara shards.
● Defildpromo – Chikara shards.
● n1colas2sub – 1,000 Chikara shards.
● tigretvsub – Chikara shards.
● Mrrhino50k – 2,000 Chikara shards.
● medtw50k – 2,000 Chikara shards.
● subtodefildplays – 1,000 Chikara shards.
● NNG – Chikara shards.
● elemperador100k! – 5,000 Chikara shards.
● Bigboi100k – Chikara shards.
● sub2hakimbo – Chikara shards.
● sub2emperadormaxi – Chikara shards.

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How To Find More Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

If you want to find these Anime Fighting promo codes easily, you can always check this space out. We are here to save your day! We will always provide you with new and active codes.

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How To Redeem Anime Fighting Codes?

In case you are worried about not knowing how to redeem these codes, we are here to save your day. Here, we will be providing a step-by-step on redeeming these promo codes.

1. The first one being obvious, you will have to log into the game.

2. Next, you will need to locate the bird symbol near the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

3. Then you will have to copy a codes from the aforementioned list and paste it inside the box.

4. If you paste a valid code, you can immediately claim the rewards.


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