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Crazy Fox free spins offers numerous rewards to the players. Its gameplay is quite interesting. But for new players, this game can be confusing at times. No need to worry, because we have brought this article to help you out. In this guiding post, you’ll get the rules of the game, game play strategies and also the Crazy Fox Free Spin Links and codes which will help you to get amazing rewards.

Crazy Fox free spins 

In case, the new players wonder, Crazy Fox game was formerly known as Crazy Coin. The game was popular at that time as well, so some players still try to get rewards by searching for Crazy Coin Free Spins. Please note that Crazy Coin Free Spins have turned to Crazy Fox Free Spins now. So whenever you try to get a reward in this game, do search for Crazy Fox Free Spins. The developers of this game provide Crazy Fox free spins online regularly. We update those spins on this page daily. So don’t forget to tune in to this page daily to get the free spin links on time.

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What are Crazy Fox free spins ?

Crazy Fox Free Spins are the official rewards provided by the developers of the game. These are gifts for the players and they can receive various coins, spins and many other items using these free spins. Do note that these links are unique and can be used by a player only once in a day.

Information about the Spin Wheel – How does it work?

In Crazy Fox, the Spin Wheel is a wheel-like structure as seen in numerous games. When a player taps on it, it spins and provides reward to the player. When the colour of the spin button is red and a player taps on it, it rotates and scrolls up and down and gives shields, coins or more spins. Sometimes players get different types of rewards from spins, because of the ongoing events in the game at that time.

Crazy Fox Spins

What is a shield in Crazy Fox?

In Crazy Fox game, Shield is also one kind of reward which players can get by spinning the wheel. One player can get a maximum of 3 shields.

In this game, the shield helps the players to defend enemy attacks and protect villages from opponents. The opponents are also human players like you. Your opponents may be of similar levels as you are in or they may be from your Facebook Friend List.They will attack your Village and you have to protect it. Shield will help you in this. If you have 3 shield in your Village, you can remain tension-free, as those will protect your village. The outer shield of your village will break by the attack, but the other two shields will keep the village safe.

If you don’t have active shields, it will become way easier for your opponents to destroy your village and you will have to reconstruct your Village again. So try to get shields from the spins.

Crazy Fox Shield

What is Raid in Crazy Fox – Big Win?

Once a player spins the wheel and consecutively gathers Foxy 3 times, it is called a raid. In this phase, the players can steal other players’ coins. A player is provided with 4 options out of which 3 options will provide coins, while the remaining option will offer nothing. So the players should choose the options wisely. Players become eligible to build more villages as soon as they get more coins.

Crazy Fox Raid

What is Attack in Crazy Fox – Big Win?

In this game, the attack and the raid just have one difference, otherwise they are almost identical. In an attack a player can attack opponent’s village after he/she collects 3 gaming bombs by spinning the wheel, whereas in raid, a player cannot attack but can steal opponent’s coins. By your attack you can also avenge any previous attack on your village.

Crazy Fox Attack

What is World Shop in Crazy Fox – Big Win?

In Crazy Fox game, the place in which the players are eligible to build their villages is called the World Shop.

A player has to complete the village five times as a village has only 5 characters. After building a village successfully, a player is provided a star. The star can also affect the Leaderboard ranking, so it is quite important.

Additionally, the players also get free spins and free cards depending on the type of village they have at that time.

Types of Chests in Crazy Fox: How to buy those?

There are 5 chests in Crazy Fox – Big Win’. Players need to be a little patient to buy these exciting chests. Some of the chests are listed below :

Wooden Chest :  Players can purchase this chest by the coins collected by them.

Silver Chest : This chest can also be bought by collected coins just like the Wooden Chest.

Golden Chest : Players can only purchase this chest by investing some real dollars of 9.99. Also, their levels must be very high to be able to buy this chest. Though, after level 10 this chest can be bought by coins.

Event types in Crazy Fox:

In Crazy Fox game, there are various events like Vikings (most trending), Golden Cards, Set Blast, Bet Blast, Balloon Frenzy etc.

What is A Reward Calendar in Crazy Fox?

In Crazy Fox game, Reward Calendar is a calendar that keeps the players updated about the in-game rewards so that the players can timely collect those by logging in. Sometimes, Players also get important items like Extra Card Rewards and Pet Food through this useful feature.

Hope this article will help you in building an amazing village in the game. A reminder for you once again – stay tuned to our website and check this page regularly to get the Free Crazy Fox Spin Links timely and receive lots of coins and many more items.


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