Coin Master Village Master Event Tips

Coin Master Village Master Event : Another popular event presented by coin master. In this event you have chance to win spins, coins, chests and much more items.

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Coin Master Village Master Event

Coin master is becoming more popular day by day because their events and other features. Which make coin master more interesting. Village master is a event of coin master. If you just planning to upgrade your Village then this is the perfect time. Because you’ll get extra bonus rewards for upgrading village.

How to play Village Master event

It’s very simple, When this event start you have to upgrade your village. Each time you upgrade your Village, you’ll rewarded with free items spins, coins, xp, pet food and much more.

What you’ll get from this event ?

Each time you upgrade your Village, you’ll get extra bonus. Which is 70 Spins, 42.5M Coins, 9500 xp bonus. If your Village level is High, then you’ll get higher rewards. All rewards are depend on your Village level.

Tips For Village master event

Basically there is no tips for this event, but you can do one thing for this event. Don’t upgrade your village every time. You have to wait every time for Village Master event. Because in this event you can get extra bonus rewards by upgrading village. That’s why you should wait every time for this event.


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