coin master viking quest tricks and tips

Coin master viking quest is good known events of coin master game. Before knowing tricks and tips, You should know about full details of viking quest. Basically this is a very popular event of coin master game. In this event you have opportunity to earn massive amount of coins, spins, pet foods, xp, and last one is free chests almost everything.

In this article we’ll talk about Full guide of viking quest and tricks and tips. So we suggest you to read this full article before starting your viking quest journey in coin master.

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Because you will need huge coins for playing this event and most of the players are just spending their coin without knowing anything for Viking Quest event. That’s why we’re here to guide you how you can play this event just spending limited coins.

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What are coin master viking quest ?

Viking Quest is the most popular event of coin master game. Because it gives opportunity to every player earn tons of free coins, golden card, massive amount of spins and much more. In this event you have to passed 10 levels. After completed each level you’ll be rewarded with free items. You can completed missions by spin the wheel and bet the coins you have gathered in the game. You need around two billions of coin to complete full missions.

We recommend you, Before playing viking quest event, First make your coin stock by playing normal game, then you should go for this event. At last you’ll get 10K Spins after completed all missions. Which make this event more popular.

Viking Quest Schedule

If you want to know the time, then anybody can’t tell you that, when this event is on. Usually this type of event come at the end of a main event and active for that day. So don’t go for hurry, before playing you should know full strategy for this event. Make sure you have enough coin for this event then go for this. Otherwise if you spend your coin blindly then you may lose your coin.

What are the rewards of viking quest ?

Before starting the event, you’ll will be rewarded with few amount of coins. But in this event you have to complete 10 missions and each levels comes with different type of free items. Now if you want to know the prizes, which provided by viking quest is massive amount of coins, spins, pet foods, xp, chests and last one is free gold card almost everything.

How much level requirement to play Viking Quest event ?

if you just started your journey in coin master then this event is not for you. You have to reach village level 50 or above for participating viking quest event.

Pro Tips for coin master viking Quest event

if you made enough coins and don’t have to do anything with that coin then you must go for Viking Quest event. Because this event give you opportunity to get amazing prizes. You can win up to 10k spins and rare golden cards. Now come to our main tips. In this events you can win 2 golden cards, one golden card available at level 6 and another one is available at the end of mission.

Sometimes it’s better then take few rewards and exit but if you wish to complete full missions of Viking quest then can but you may lose enough amount of coin. Remember one thing don’t be greed every time. Play this event with your own strategy and win this event.

Tricks to win Viking Quest Event

We will give you some tricks, if you using this tricks it can increases your winning chances. May be you can win this event after using our tricks. But remember one thing coin master change their algorithm every time. If you see that tricks not work properly then you must stop using this tricks. Let’s start :

1. Play cool and don’t be greedy :

When you start playing this event you will think that mission can be completed easily and you will spending your coins blindly but remember if you greedy to much at first level and spending too much of coins then you can’t never completed this event.

Maybe you can get easy levels at first but after level 6th you can see harder mission. Which will difficult to pass and that time you have to use your own strategy to complete each levels.

2. Bet carefully in the bonus wheel :

If you reach at level 6 of viking quest event then you can get your first golden card as a reward. Now make sure you have enough coins, like : 10-20 billion coin. If you haven’t much coins then you should exit at this stage. Else you have to go for further. Now harder mission are come one by one and ready for that. Do every steps very carefully, if any mistake happen then you may lose all your coins.

Don’t be greedy at this stage because if you increase your betting you can lose your all coins. So make sure start your bet with lower number then end with higher number. Also this can help you to understand the event better. This can help you to win next level and the full mission.

3. Do not play frequently, rest and play :

You have the full day to complete viking quest event so do not play frequently take rest then play. If you play continuously then your winning chances will be decreases. if you play continuously then you will get unnecessary rewards which will not increase your point and it will not help you to go next level.

We’ll give you one advanced tricks, you can use this to get a big win and increases your points. We suggest you use one spin at the slot machine & then use the bonus wheel. After doing this you can get big win maximum time. but if you use this trick frequently then this trick can’t be work for you.

Hopefully you liked our coin master Viking Quest tricks and tips, if this work for you then please comment below. if you want more guides related coin master game please check our website.


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