Coin Master Batter Up Event

Coin Master Batter Up Event : It Is A Event Of Coin Master Game. You can earn free freebies items by playing this event.  This event based on cricket. So Let’s play this event and collect Amazing free items.

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Coin Master Batter Up Event

This time coin master come with a another new event coin master batter up event. Before starting world cup coin master present a event for their users called batter up event. You have chance to spins, chests, coins and freebies item. We’ll explain everything about this event below.

How To Play Batter Up Event –

In this event you have to collect balls symbol every time. Each time you collect ball symbol and complete any stage then you’re rewarded with free items. So collect ball as much as possible.

Coin Master Batter Up Event details

Check Above Image For Details :

1. If You Attack Opponent Village, Then You’ll Get 2 Balls.

2. if Your Attack Blocked, Then You’ll Get 3 Balls.

3. If You Raid Opponent Village, Then You’ll Get 4 Balls.

4. If You Raid Perfectly, Then You’ll Get 5 Balls.

5. If You Hit “Balls Symbol” 3 Times Then You’ll Get 10 Balls.

Tips For Batter Up Event

Must remember one thing for every event. Don’t start with higher bet, if you do this then it will waste lots of your spins. So start with lower bets every time. It will help you to complete that stage and save your spins.


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